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Beginning my journey 20 years ago, my path to becoming a folk herbalist hairdresser has been a mixed bag of experience, creativity and curls!


From London to Liverpool, as a curly hair specialist, Louise has worked in some of the biggest and busiest salons in the industry, along the way, picking up a lifetime of experience. From being an Artistic Director, working on music videos for Grammy award-winning artists,  to founding her own product lines, she has pretty much seen and done it all. 

During 2017, while on maternity leave, something inspired Louise to start a journey of self-healing, becoming more conscious of what was put into her body and onto others. This sparked an idea. Tending to peoples hair, making them feel good, renewed and revitalised is what Louise did best, but it couldn't be done with toxic chemicals, waste and intimidating ambiences. It was time to re-invent the idea of a typical salon, and so Wilderness was born. A vegan-friendly hair salon nestled into its own little Liverpool city centre space.  

Not only do we colour, cut and style to perfection - we provide non-toxic, vegan friendly hair products made by Louise herself. Join us at Wilderness Hair while we explore a whole new meaning of self-love.