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Leonorus cardiaca


All through the ages, herbalists have treasured Motherwort. It is considered 'a women's herb'. According to Culpeper, Venus owns it and it is under the dominion of Leo. It is sometimes called lion's tail, which is reflected in the scientific name 'Leonurus' while 'cardiaca' makes a reference to the heart, one of the main organs the herb benefits.


The old herbalists thought of Motherwort mostly as a nervine,- an excellent remedy for treating hysteria, free floating, cardiac anxiety and to brighten the spirits - which were all considered 'heart problems' in the old days. Today it is used for many more stress related conditions, including palpitations, arrythmia and high blood pressure. It can also act as a supportive remedy for an overactive thyroid gland. It is also used for all kinds of menstrual problems, such as irregular, painful or scanty periods and PMS. Motherwort is said to 'open the womb' during childbirth and to help expel the placenta. It is also indicated for painful spasms and contractions during intercourse (known as 'vaginismus'), and can be of great help for menopausal problems such as hot flashes. Motherwort can 'take the edge off' and help a person relax enough to get a grip, so they are better equipped to deal with whatever pressures they are facing.


This herb has been used to dispel bad spirits. It has been placed into babies cots to protect them and to ward off bad spells and hexes as well as nightmares.


  • Size - 25g


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