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Lavendula Angustifolia syn. officinalis

Without a doubt, Lavender is one of the best-known herbs, though its healing reputation is mostly due to its essential oil, which is perhaps THE most widely used essential oil in aromatherapy and cosmetics. Its scent is so neat and clean and tidy and soothing and pleasant.


Lavender oil is the favourite oil of aromatherapists, as it is incredibly versatile and considered very safe. However, the actual flowers can also be used medicinally. It is said that Lavender helps stroke victims and can calm or even stop the hands from shaking. Lavender has a bit of a soapy taste, but it has a calming, soothing effect on the mind. It is mildly anti-depressive and strengthens the nerves. It can also be used for nervous indigestion and queasiness of the stomach. A lavender pillow helps to calm an overactive mind and can induce peaceful sleep. A strong infusion can be added to the bathwater for a wonderfully soothing and skin cleansing effect. See also Lavender essential oil.


Lavender is perhaps one of the best herbs for purification, protection and healing rituals. It calms and centres the mind and is a great aid for meditation. Its superior harmonising qualities are ideal for chakra-balancing. It can be used to seal a platonic friendship, especially between teacher and student. Lavender is a plant of Mercury, and is well suited to calm an overactive mind and to stabilise emotions. It may be used for studying, as it may deepen understanding, but should be avoided in case of mental exhaustion (it will send you to sleep).


  • Size - 25g