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Cold pressed & Deoderised

Argan oil is very rich oil but easily absorbed.  The oil contains vitamins A and E, with the latter providing a natural anti-oxidant.  
Our oil has a mild nutty aroma that disappears on application.

The exceptional vitamin E and omega content in the oil make it an excellent choice for hair that needs repair. 

Add 2 pipettes to our powder shampoo to soften dry, brittle hair, without leaving a greasy or oily residue.   

Our 100% Organic Argan Oil is nourishing and leaves hair with an exceptional shine when added to our shampoo. 

The oil can also be used on the nails to promote shine and healthy growth.

Because this is 100% pure organic Argan oil this oil is for adding to our shampoo only. 
Used on its own as a blow dry oil may make the hair feel to heavy 

Alchemy Oil- Infused Organic Argan Oil

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